There is a reality that surrounds us all, a reality of infinite possibilities. In this reality no one is fixed. There are no constraints. We can be anyone, do anything. We are free to change anything about ourselves and our lives whenever we want because the one constant is that we are all perfect and complete right now and life is about finding that out and loving it. We are all artists expressing creativity through our lives. Opportunity and possibility flow around us like a raging torrent. All we have to do is open up our eyes and see the flow and allow it to take us on its journey.

My work is about the city but in my work the city is a metaphor for this reality. The city is where I feel the truth of this reality the most. In the city I am a child on Christmas eve hardly able to contain himself. Everything in front of me. All is subject matter, all is inspiration. Like a musical note leaping from the saxophone of John Coltrane I am free to go anywhere and there is no limit to my experience. The streets, the music, hip hop, jazz, the faces, the individuals, the beats, poetry of letters, numbers, lives, people, there is no end to the forms of expression.

I am definitely down with this town.